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Up to which age is one regarded as a child and young person respectively?


You are a child until the age of 18 years.

A person is considered as a young person till 26 years (not by law).

According to the Civil Code (Nr. 40/1964 GBl.), minors are persons who have unless reached 18 years. From then on, a person becomes contractually capable (Exception: The legal capacity depends on the individual health situation. Thereupon, a 18 years old person will not become contractually capable.).

According to the Penal Code (Nr. 140/1961 Gbl.), children under 15 years of age are Doli incapax for their actions. Therefore young people are person over 15 years of age which haven´t reached their 18th birthday.

According to the Criminal Code from 2004 minors become relief which means a specific law exists, which regulate the requirements for criminal liability of minors and the penaltes therefore.

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in public places?


Family Code -zákon č. 94/1963 Sb. Zákon o rodině:

Parents are responsible for their children. However, in general children are allowed to stay in public places.

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in restaurants or dance halls / ballrooms?


There is no legislation.

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in night clubs, bars, casinos, places for gambling etc.?


There is no legislation. Parents are responsible for their children.

Places for gambling:

Participation in gambling is prohibited to anyone under 18 years. If you allow a person under 18 years for gamble, you will commit in a crime.

Violation of the education of young people (Penal Code, § 17): Such a one action will be prosecuted, if the operator grant a person under 18 years of age access to fruit machines.

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Is it allowed to sell spirits to children/teens?


The selling of spirits to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited. Selling of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age is an offence.

Penal Code, § 218 - zákon č. Trestní zákon Law on protection against alcoholism and toxicomania - zákon č. 37/1989 Sb., o ochraně před alkoholismem a jinými toxikomaniemi.

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Which restrictions are there for children/teens to visit public film screenings?


There is no legislation. Parents are responsible for their children.

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Are children/teens allowed to smoke in public?


Smoking in indoor areas is prohibited for everybody, if such a non smoker´s health could be compromised.

The sale of tobacco products at persons under 18 years is forbidden.

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Is it allowed for children/teens to go to internet café?


There is no legislation. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children.

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Which restrictions are there about carrying knifes, martial arts equipment, weapons?


Act about Firearms and Ammunition - zákon č. 119/2002 Sb., - Zákon o střelných zbraních a střelivu:

There is no legislation about carrying knifes and fire irons. The act defines different age limits for permission to possession on firearms (from 16, 18 and 21 years). It depends on arms model or weather it is a student of a forestry secondary school.

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Which regulations are there concerning sexual relations with children/teens?


A person who have sexual relations to a person under 15 years of age, commits an offence. Sexual abuse will also be punished (Penal Code, § 217 letter a).

A person who moves a person under the 18 years of age to have sexual intercourse before marriage or misuse the minors dependence, comits also an ofence. A person, who offers a person under 18 years of age money for sexual intercourse will be punished.

Moreover, a person may not produce, distribute, import, export or access pornographic works with children.Therefor the person will be punished (Penal Code, § 205 letter a and b).

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Which restrictions are there if foreign young people want to work temporarily?


Foreign Nationals may work if they have a work permit and a visa. There are some exceptions in favour of students and persons which activities at least are taking no longer time than law provides. You are allowed to work from 15 years. In exceptional case you can also work from 14.

Labor Code - zákon č. 65/1965 Sb.,zákoník práce; Employment Act - zákon č. 1/1991 Sb., o zaměstnanosti

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To which institutions can children/teens turn to if they need help?


Authorities of the Child Welfare:

pedagogical-psychological counsiling institutions, agency for social and legal security of children, The International regulatory authorities for protection of children, regional authorities; authorities of the municipalities, police, etc. 

To associations, foundations, NGOs, etc.:
Linka bezpečí - Nadace Naše dítě (security facility - Foundation "Our Child")
Bily kruh bezpečí () White ring of security,
League lidských práv - Centrum pro právní ochranu dětí (Federation of Human Rights - Center for the legal protection of children),
Česká sekce DCI (Czech Branch of the International Organization for the Protection of Children),
Fond ohrožených dětí (Association for children in danger),
DETSKE Křížové centrum) (Center for Children in emergencies etc.

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Useful internet sites about youth protection


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport is the central authority for Children and Youth Affairs:


More useful internet sites:


http://www.dkc.cz (Kinder-Krisenzentrum)


For detailed information about laws: www.mvcr.cz

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