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Up to which age is one regarded as a child and young person respectively?


You are a child until the age of 12 years.

You are a young person until the age of 18 years.

As a minor is considered a person between 8 and 18 years of age.

Penal Code as it was replaced by the article 1 of the 3189/2003 Act, art. 121 para 1

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in public places?


There is no legislation.

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in restaurants or dance halls / ballrooms?



There is no legislation. Parents are responsible.

Dance Halls:

Unaccompanied minors will not be allowed to stay in dance halls or ballrooms.

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in night clubs, bars, casinos, places for gambling etc.?


Clubs, Bars:

Unaccompanied minors will not be allowed to stay in night clubs or bars. Therefore are signs affixed at the entrances (0,60x0,30 ): An unaccompanied person, who have not reached 18 years of age is not allowed to enter the club.

However minors are prohibited to enter and stay at entertainment clubs, bars, as well as any kind of employment at these places.

Presidential Decree 36/1994, art. 1 para. 1 lettera based on Act 1481/1994 art. 12, para 1 letter a and c, and para 2 3730/2008 Act, art. 4

Harmfull Places:

There is no legislation.

Places for gambling:

Gambling is generally prohibited.

According to Act of foundation, organisation, operation and check testing of casinos and other settlements, art. 3 para 10, it is anyone under 23 years of age prohibited to stay in gambling halls.

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Is it allowed to sell spirits to children/teens?


There is no legislation but Minors are not allowed to consume any alcohol beverage in restaurants, bars etc. Therefore are signs affixed at the entrances (0,60x0,30 ) : The consumption of alcoholic beverages are anyone under 17 years age who are not accompanied by parents or a guardian prohibited.

Presidential Decree 36/1994, art. 1 para 1 letter b based on Act 1481/1994 art.12 para 1 pursuant to sentecne a and c, and para 2

Also, the minors are prohibited to consume alcohol drinks at any public places, with exception cases of private events.

3730/2008 Act, art. 4

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Which restrictions are there for children/teens to visit public film screenings?


The Youth Committee classifies each film under the following categories:

a) Suitable for Minors

b) Restricted suitable for minors (from 14)

c) Unsuitable for minors (from 17)

d) Strictly not suitable for minors

Act 1597/1986, art. 36 part. 1 based on Act 1481/1994 Protection and development of film art, the promotion of Greek film production and other settlements

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Are children/teens allowed to smoke in public?


Children and person unter 18 years of age are not allowed to smok in public.

Y1/G.P./fam. 76017 dated 29-7/01-08-2002

Selling of tobacco products is prohibited to and from minors (3730/2008 Act, art. 2).

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Is it allowed for children/teens to go to internet café?


Children and young persons are allowed to go to internet cafés. However playing unproper games via Internet is prohibited, as well as visit to unsuitable cites (29/71 R.D., art. 5 as it was amended by the 2206/94 Act and 2515/97 Act, in connection with the 36/94 P.D. on Measures for protection of Minors).

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Which restrictions are there about carrying knifes, martial arts equipment, weapons?


Minors are prohibeted to carry weapons or other items prvided by the of the 2168/1993 Act, art. 1. Exeptionally to the general prohibition, persons who have completed the 16 th year of age are permitted to carry fishing gun. Also, minors are permitted to be practiced on the shooting ranges and sport clubs.

2168/1993 Act, articles 1 and 10

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Which regulations are there concerning sexual relations with children/teens?


The nineteenth chapter of the Penal Code refers to the crime of sexual freedom and crimes on financial exploitation of sexual life, articles 336-353, including the minors (1492/1950 Act as it was amended and applies). Also, the 3625/2007 Act ratifies and puts in force, provided by the art. 28 para 1 of the Greek of Child concerning trafficking in children, child prostitution and pornography, which was adopted by the 54/263 Resolution (25 May 2000) of the U.N. General Assembly.

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Which restrictions are there if foreign young people want to work temporarily?


Matters concerning residence and work of aliens in Greece come under the responsibility of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection of Migration Policy and Social Incorporation/ Ministry of Interior.

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To which institutions can children/teens turn to if they need help?


Children and young persons under 18 years old, in case that they face a problem, can apply, depending on the problem, to several Services and Agencies (Police, Public Prosecutor of Minors, Social Services of the Minstry of Health and Social Solidarity, “Smile of the Child, e.t.c.)

German Embassy:

10675 Athens
Karaoli & Dimitriou 3
Post Office Box 1175, 10110 Athens

phone: 0030 210 7285111
fax: 0030 210 7251205


Consulate General Salonika:

54100 Thessaloniki
Karolou Diehl 4a
POB 10515

phone: 0030 310 236315
fax: 0030 310 240393

Honorary Consulate:

71110 Heraklion/Crete
Zografou 7
POB 1083

phone: 0030 810 226288
fax: 0030 810 222141

73100 Chania/Crete
Daskalogianni 65

phone: 0030 8210 28114, 28115
fax: 0030 8210 28116

49100 Corfu
Guilfordstr. 57

phone: 0030 6610 31453
fax: 0030 6610 31450

85100 Rhodes
Parodos Isiodou 12

phone: 0030 2410 63730
fax: 0030 2410 63730

26221 Patras
Mesonos 98

phone: 0030 610 221943
fax: 0030 610 621076

83100 Samos
Themistoklis Sofoulis 73

phone: 0030 2730 27260

38110 Volos
Leoforos Dimitriados 251
POB 1030

phone: 0030 4210 25379 oder 0030 4210 28441
fax: 0030 4210 35012 (only for incidents 62766)

See www.griechische-botschaft.de (website in german)

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Greek Police, Division for General Police Affairs, Department 1 (12/2008) interior ministry (05/2009)

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