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Up to which age is one regarded as a child and young person respectively?


You are a child until the age of 18 years. You also become a major with 18 years.

For sepecial purposes, the law increases the age of becoming an adult, i.e. social benefits for students (up to 26 years), youth cards (up to 25 years), legal status for criminal youth (between 16 and 21 years) and assistance or protective measures (up to 21 years).

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in public places?


They are allowed to stay in public places provided that the risk is minimal or socially acceptable.

Parents will be accused of negligence if there is a specific dangerous situation (i.e. an accident) which would have been avoided by their presence.

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in restaurants or dance halls / ballrooms?


They are allowed to stay in restaurants (regardless from their age).

A person have to be 16 years of age to enter a disco or bar.

Dance Halls:
From 12

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Are children/teens allowed to stay in night clubs, bars, casinos, places for gambling etc.?


Bars, Clubs, Discos:

Children are not allowed to stay in night clubs or bars. A person have to be 16 years of age to enter a disco or bar.For night clubs, striptease clubs or women´s centers, there is an age limit of 16.

Harmful Places:

It is not allowed to stay in such places for children and young people. Harmful places are e.g.: nightclubs, striptease clubs, sex-shops and places where shown movies pornographically or Peep shows, brothel and Swinger clubs.

Places for gambling:

Children and young people. It is children and young people prohibited to stay in gambling halls or places for gambling.

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Is it allowed to sell spirits to children/teens?


Selling or consume alcohol beverages for minors under 16 years of age is prohibited. Selling alcohol beverages to drunk people ist forbidden. For people with mental abnormality it is not allowed to consume those beverages. No distinction is made concerning the strength of alcohol beverages.

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Which restrictions are there for children/teens to visit public film screenings?


Children and young people are allowed to visit public film-screenigs. There are different levels:

· from 4

· from 6

· from12

· from 16

· from 18

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Are children/teens allowed to smoke in public?


It is prohibited to sell tobacco products to minors under 18 years of age. Smoking in public places is restricted for everybody (e.g. kindergarten, day nursery and other child care institutions, childrens´s houses, youth centres, leisure centres, holiday camps; schools including class rooms, study rooms, reading rooms, assembly rooms, libraries, sport halls, schoolyards; bars; restaurants; dining halls; canteens).

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Is it allowed for children/teens to go to internet café?


They are allowed to stay in internet cafés.

Internet operators have their own regulation to protect children. However, the quest for sites with illegal and morally reprehensible content is prohibited.

The same applies by law applicable to the access and dissemination of illegal and immoral content and also for searching, distribution, retention, installation, dissemination of illegal content.

Internet cafe´s have the right to apply lists of prohibited programs and content, which were determined by themselves. The acquisition, distribution, dissemination, showing, import, export and possession of pronographic content will be punished by law.

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Which restrictions are there about carrying knifes, martial arts equipment, weapons?


The firearms law for adults also applies for young people. There are some restriction for carrying knives and folding knifes. Carrying fighting equipment is allowed as long as the use is justified by practicing a corresponding form of sport.

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Which regulations are there concerning sexual relations with children/teens?


It is prohibited for an adult to have, or attempt to have a sexual connection with a minor under 16 years of age. If the minor tolerated the sexual relation, the adult will not be punished, except:

1. Sexual contacts between adults and minors who are wards are not allowed.

2. Sexual contacts between adults and minors for payment or other considerations are not allowed. Minors may not participate in pornographic activities as well as in pornographic pictures or audio recordings. The use of minors in pornographic activities as well as in pornographic pictures or audio recordings will be punished. However, this will be punished.

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Which restrictions are there if foreign young people want to work temporarily?


There are no restrictions except: The person has to be 16 years of age. The employer have to observe job norms and safety standards concerning apprenticeship, working hours and hygiene. German youth are allowed to spend working holidays in Portugal.

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To which institutions can children/teens turn to if they need help?


They can aks policemen (the constabulary:„Políciade Segurança Pública“ or the republican national guard: „Guarda Nacional Republicana“) or the commission for child and youth protection in their region for help.

German Embassy

Campo dos Mártires de Pátria, 38

1169-043 Lisboa

phone: 03351 21 881 0210

Fax: 00351 21 885 38 46


see: http://www.lissabon.diplo.de/Vertretung/lissabon/de/Startseite.html (website in german)

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