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Is it allowed for children/teens to go to internet café?


They are allowed to go to internet cafés.


There is no legislation.

How are they protected against harmful matters on the internet?

See: www.clicksafe.be

In computer and internet halls after 22 o’clock persons to 14 years of age are not allowed without a full age person, accompanying them, which is a responsibility of the owners or persons who are responsible for these halls for this rules to be followed.


There is no legislation.

There is no legislation. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children.



If the main purpose is playing games on the computer, an internet cafe is being treated like amusement arcades.

How are young people protected from harmful content
in internet cafes?

The Youth Media treaty banning harmful content in electronic information and communication media and restricts youth impairing content. § § 4 and 5 JMStV)


There are no legislations for allowing children/young people to go to internet café.

How are they protected against harmful matters on the internet?

The internet firms with sites for children are assumed to protect the children.
The schools protect the children by excluding harmful sites from the internet connections.


There is no legislation.


Internet cafes allow entry of all users without age restrictions. Children can come alone or with no problem. No clear standards governing the operation of these establishments exist, although in some Regions it is recommended that separate areas for children and adult areas, and that computers have some control software to prevent minors accessing harmful content or who are victims of grooming.


Yes it is allowed for children/young people to go to internet cafés. There is no general agenda for protection of children against harmful matters in the web, but here beneath is a link to an ongoing project around this theme:


The "Finnish Internet Awareness" is part of the European network insafe for a safer Internet. The program is committed to many activities such as campaigns, training or a hotline for safe Internet use. Goal is to set up a helpline for children including under which they can exchange experiences and get support for problems.


They are allowed to stay in internet cafés.

However, there is no legislation about minors and internet cafés. Some owners of internet cafés evince that internet sites with a content harmful to minors (e.g. pornographic content) were blocked.

Still no information


Children and young persons are allowed to go to internet cafés. However playing unproper games via Internet is prohibited, as well as visit to unsuitable cites (29/71 R.D., art. 5 as it was amended by the 2206/94 Act and 2515/97 Act, in connection with the 36/94 P.D. on Measures for protection of Minors).


There are allowed to go to internet cafés at any time.


There is no legislation. The owners have their own rules preventing anyone under 18 years of age from entering.


no information yet.

If a website contains information that can be published only limited, the provider will create a front page with a warning text. A home page with warning text (Lithuanian and English): The content may have a negative influence on minors.

How are they protected against harmful matters on the internet?

In addition, the following must be indicated (Lithuanian and English):

· "The content of the Website is for persons aged 7 years";

· "The content of the Website is for people aged 14 years";

· "The content of the Website is for people aged 18 years";

The licencees may use another preventive measures to protect children.

Still no information.


A child who has not reached 16 years of age is prohibited during school hours without the written permission of the educational institution administration and during the night to be located in internet premises, computer salons, internet cafes and other similar premises where for payment internet and computer game services are provided. The night time is from 22.00 till 6.00, if local government has not determined stricter time period.

Materials, which promote cruel behavior, violence, erotica and pornography and which pose a threat to the psychological development of a child may not be accessible to a child, irrespective of the form of expression, devices for showing and location thereof.

It is responsibility of any person who allows a child access to internet to ensure that child is protected from harmful content.

It is the duty of internet provider to inform the internet user about the possibility to install internet content filter which restricts the availability of such materials which promote cruel behaviour, violence, erotica and pornography and which pose a threat to the psychological development of a child. Internet provider must install such a filter free of charge if internet user requests that.

Latvia is running Net-Safe Project and Hotline Project within the framework of the European Community Program „Safer Internet plus”.

There are many possibilities to inform Latvian institutions (including State Police and the State Inspectorate For Protection Of Children's Rights) on harmful matters on the internet.


no information

There are no information.


There is no information.

They are allowed to stay in internet cafés.

Internet operators have their own regulation to protect children. However, the quest for sites with illegal and morally reprehensible content is prohibited.

The same applies by law applicable to the access and dissemination of illegal and immoral content and also for searching, distribution, retention, installation, dissemination of illegal content.

Internet cafe´s have the right to apply lists of prohibited programs and content, which were determined by themselves. The acquisition, distribution, dissemination, showing, import, export and possession of pronographic content will be punished by law.


There is still no information


There are no legal restrictions for young people to go to internet cafés. Although the internet cafe activity is regulated by the law(1982:636) about arranging of certain gaming machines.

There is no legislation.

In the Republic of Slovakia has not been any guidance or legislation in this field. It is, however, said that the municipality may issue generally binding regulations, which governs the area.


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